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Very disturbing is the student waiting for the school bus outside the home, lest the school bus go without the student knowing he has arrived. Also, the Parents do not know when their son boarded the school bus, when he arrived at school, and also when he arrived home on the return trip. With Busway, the parent, student, and school administration can find out the actual location of the school bus and communicate directly with the driver. Parent alerts arrive at the student’s boarding of the bus and arrive at school. In Busway, great effort and great passion have been worked on to find the best solutions that ensure the comfort of the parent and the student and keep the school or institution administration on an accurate look at the school bus location..

Advanced features give you full control

We work in Bus Way with passion to provide a suitable means of tracking and communication between the service provider (school transportation) and the beneficiary of the service (the guardian - the student - the customer). The convenience of beneficiaries of service and safety for students through many unique features.



the parent / student can record an absence through the application in case he does not want to go on the school bus for any day.


Track School Bus / students on the map

With the real-time Tracking service from the busway application, the beneficiary of the service can know the actual location of the school bus and know the location of the student after boarding the school bus. This feature allows the student / customer to prepare before the arrival of the school bus, which saves waiting time outside the home and contributes to raising the safety rate for the beneficiary of the service.


Notices for everything

With the service of instant notifications , you will be constantly informed of everything that occurs in the school bus journey, with the arrival of automatic alerts synchronized with the actual location of the school bus, as the application is characterized by the presence of sound alert when the school bus arrives at home. In addition to the arrival of an alert, the parents are assured of the arrival of their son to the school, as well as the boarding of the school bus on the journey home.


Contact the school

With the instant messaging service, the parent and students can communicate directly with the school through the application, which provides a distinct communication environment between the guardian and the school.


Easy to use

The simplicity of design and ease of use is the highlight of the Busway application, the design Colors and icons, designed with meticulous accuracy to ensure ease of use for all users


Radical solutions provided by the Busway application that targets all beneficiaries and providers of school transportation services, whether transport companies, school, student or parents .. Thus, the Busway application creates a safe and comfortable school transportation environment With a busway .. rest assured.

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